Moments of Sensuality

Moments of sensuality when I think of you….
As I laid there, away from the harsh realities,
Not a sound,not a breath, just soft light and warmth,
Warm waters soaking my skin and the light enlightening my face,
I thought of you
The intoxicating scent of the candles
And the warm soapy exterior covering the water
My toes curled in a way a womans did when she remembered her lovers kiss
Closed my eyes and….
I thought of you
My body glistening and shimmering and the dim light dancing on my skin,
The swirl of ebony tied…but alas, a lisp of it broke free,
And the rest of it curled behind and caressed my neck
.I thought of you
Deep and strong the silence was, but wait…
I heard a whisper,more quiet than the wind but warmer than summer,
It was your voice which I heard ,saying in its soft tones of melody…’I love you’
A soft smile curled my lip gently….and color rose like waves into my cheeks.
I thought of u
In moments like this…of sensuality,of intimacy,of ecstasy,of passion and most of all…love
I think of you….
Only you…


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