My Man…

Its not Superman I am looking for
It’s the man with warmth
The man who is worth the wait
A man who wont take, but share my heart

I have left what I thought was right
Now I am just confused, broken and torn
Left whatever was dear to me
Left my home, the earth I played in
The skies that I used to look at
The friends who held my hand
The lover who comforted me at night
The mother who whispered “come back to me soon”
The father who patted my shoulders
The brother who I laughed with and loved
The places that brought me hope and desire

Now it’s the void that seems to engulf me
The only place which I was never able to fill,
I am not going to play any more games,
I cant fight any longer,
I cant keep my guard up any longer,
I cant live this way any longer
Its true we are all looking for happiness,
I thought I was better off being different
Turns out I wanted all the wrong things
At the end of the day,
I just want a man who makes me laugh…
Not superman, just a man,
Who I can finally fall in love with,
One real moment, One real chance…


One thought on “My Man…

  1. Susanta says:

    Fantasies are mostly surreal, but if this is reality am sure you'd never like to fall asleep.

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