Ponderings of a dreamy teenager

Don’t you wonder sometimes, What is it that we are meant to do? It’s really a subjective question and of course it’s different for all of us. I’ve often heard of the phrase “Do what your heart says” And personally I don’t like that phrase a lot, probably because whenever I’ve “asked my heart”, I just get even more confused, I mean it doesn’t tell you anything, it’s just a decision which we have to make. Something which I trust is my instinct which has got me out of sticky situations, it is more or less like a radar which tells me to clear up the mess I’ve made because danger is near but of course even your instinct can be wrong at times right? Then where do we turn to? Ah of course our friends opinions .Someone once told me “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them” .At first I laughed out loud but after thinking about it, I realized how much truth there is in that sentence. I for one always ask for opinions but I never take them, I end up doing exactly what I feel like. Well those decisions mostly get me into trouble but then again that’s the circle of my life. I’m stable for a while then I’d do something wild and get myself out of it quickly before it becomes too messy. It’s all a vicious circle, if we take no risks life becomes boring and if life is boring we’re inclined to take risks. Well I really don’t know what my conclusion or point is, it’s just something I sat down to think about. Now time to get up and get goin! 🙂


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