My Curly Haired Beauty

The garden of solitude is where I resided
Running among the orchards
I always saw her, the girl with the curls
Unstoppable laughter, warmth and blinding light
She brought to me
Now I realize, all this time…
I was falling toward her, towards the light
Towards my soul mate, my missing piece
She saved me, in so many ways
Her beauty came from her kindness, her humility
We have the kind of bond people only dream of
Sharing thoughts and dreams without words,
We roam this city of hope.
Singing , Dancing, Giggling
Like we are children again
She brings out the best in me,
Like I bring out the vivacity in her
She is my Curly Haired Beauty
My flower, my Friend
She has transformed me into the Goddess
Never before or after, would I be this way
It was her and her alone who inspired me
When she is away, there is only emptiness
Longing for her company and her silly laugh
I hope never to be without her again…


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