2008: A year to remember

This year has been a Rollercoaster ride for most people I know. Apart from the important events, such as the Economic Recession, Mumbai Bombings, US Elections of first African American President(trying to be politically correct) and Dark knight, which I believe is one of the best movies with the best Joker the world has ever seen, this year has been personally and emotionally life changing for a lot of people including myself.

Few things I have noticed this year is our ever growing dependence for technology ( this isnt a late realisation, just realised the full extent of it) We have become such slaves to our mobile Phones, our Laptops, our PSP’s, our IPods. Seems like we look at screens more than we look at our loved ones. I for one am not sure what this means, because I support and love technology but just fearing wether Im replacing microchips for loving relationships, also debating wether thats a good thing. Have we started a point of perspective where we dont need the Human Touch? Would we miss it? Are we losing out? (Duh!)

This year has been a journey for me, leaving behind the familiar smiles of my family in Dubai and more importantly my family in Bangalore.

Personal Note to My Bangalore Family:
Guys I just want to say, I didnt leave because I didnt love you guys, I left because I had to move on before my ass would be stuck in one of the plastic chairs of Barista. I can never thank you enough for everything you have done for me, you have made me the person I have grown to love through your support. You are chrerished and missed EVERYDAY. Please always remember that. Each one of have reserved a VIP seat in my heart and it aint never goin away.

This year I moved to melbourne, carrying all that heartbreak of leaving my friends and family, but for anyone who is making a transition, I would say this. At first you will not be able to stand the distance and the emptiness, but eventually life takes over and new people come into your life and heal you. In Melbourne, I met people like that, they changed everything, they were like painkillers to the heartbreak, it never truly goes away because lets face it, you cannot ever stop missing your friends and family, but these Angels help you through it. They gave me a reason to wake up in the morning and I am grateful to them. I will owe you for making me laugh and for holding my hand through it all.

Thus with this Note I would like to bid the year of 2008, adieu. It has been very eventful and bittersweet. This year might have been the worst for some people, but for me, this year with all its ups and downs has taught me something about human relationships, Something I took for granted.
Never underestimate the power of friendship and Change is sometimes the best thing that can happen to you, so take it by the horns people.
Only way to live. 🙂

Goodbye 2008!


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