His song, for her

He played this afternoon with fervor
Like if he would stop, everything would fall apart
He played for her, played to make her stay
He thought about how he first saw her

There he was, minding his business
His nose in a book, taking in all that the world could offer
People watching and reading was one of his favorite pastimes
Since it brought together the people of fantasy and real life,
Into one experience

While in this dreamy state, she walked up the steps
Asked him for a light, even though she had a lighter in her other hand
Laughed like an angel when caught
There it began, with lies and pastimes
The story which changed them both forever

He taught her music, beauty and happiness
She gave him laughter, pleasure and her vulnerability
He was the knight in shining armor
She was just not the damsel in distress
They had it all, drama, sacrifice and determination

The only thing they never had, was love
She took his beauty, his music and his devotion
But he never got it back, he never would
He was the soul, and the heart, she the instrument
Nothing without the musician, empty and useless

That’s why this evening she leaves
She knows he deserves better
He plays for her today, and for her alone
He asks her to stay, to be his forever
He gives his heart freely
Only she is the liar, the coward, the bitch
Who could never understand love, and never will

He doesn’t say good riddance
He cannot cast her aside
He will not abuse her with words
He will play, as long as he can to keep her.
He is going to let her go, hoping she finds something worth keeping.


2 thoughts on “His song, for her

  1. Impostor says:

    oh my god….. i cant believe this piece… its fab…. but i wanna know the inspiration behind this one…. its awesome man….:)

  2. AngelDust says:

    Thank you very much, its based on a personal experience.

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