Desolate winds now caress her cheek
As she swims across the sea of sand
The emptiness of her surroundings masking her being
Is there no relief, no rescue

Looking up at the blazing sun
Her tears run dry
Her feet blistered
Her spirit broken and shattered

There he stood,
Strong, Silent and Proud
His face a mask of disgust
That accused her, that she had expectations
That she needed comfort
That she couldn’t understand
That she wasn’t patient and let him be

She looked upon him,
Resigned and exhausted of fighting
Tired of pretending to understand
Tired of being patient
Tired of waiting for signs, for love, for comfort

Turning away, she ran
Away from him
Away from his stare
Away from his dominating grip
Away from his ability to hurt her.
Away from the brutal man who destroyed her


One thought on “Deserted

  1. Anonymous says:

    The last sentence cracked up, very dramatic. But the first on hooked me.

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