Love affair with Bangalore

The place where you could experience four seasons in one day
Where rock music was a religion
Where people from everywhere came to fulfill their destiny

Walking from college into that much loved coffee shop
I would feel the sweat crawl down my back
And the wind would mess up my hair

Strolling to the garage of coffee heaven
A sea of friendly faces greeted me everyday
Some beaming, some preoccupied, some just mulling over their beverages

Hugs, long wonderful hugs
That said “Hello there, we’ve missed you”
Sitting down, I would feel comforted in an instant

The pub with the dim lighting
Jim Morrison’s voice floating from the speakers
And the delicious draught beer that would quench any thirst

The apartment filled with light
Where friends came to hang out
And flat mates went about their day

The club where I would go to dance and unwind
People sipping their drinks and eyeing potential lovers
DJ’s spinning their turntables with catchy beats

It’s the city I once detested
It’s the place I wanted to leave behind
Now it’s the place I miss and long to return to…
It’s the place where I found friendship

Now as I look back on beloved Bangalore
I think of it as the city where I found love


2 thoughts on “Love affair with Bangalore

  1. Impostor says:

    oh my god…… thats like bangalore in a nutshell…. its a city that binds us all…. in that same string of love nd friendship…:)love the piece, its like trip down the memory lane…. muah….

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a beautiful poem, yet know that home is where your heart is. But beauty can be oberved everywhere. I like this poem.

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