The cold now sweeps into the living room
Where once was a family
Now engulfed in betrayal and sadness

The drink of whisky swirled around
In contemplation of his actions
Head bowed in surrender

Fingers entwined in the threads of the cushion
Lips quivering in hopelessness
Her eyes red after the sobbing

The boy walking back and forth
Trying to comprehend
Hands clenched into a fist

Eyes looking out the window
Wishing to escape
Her mind a mass of agony

Images of laughter
Of trips together
The visions of support and love

Now has turned murky
Clouded by the reality
Torn apart by disloyalty

There is no turning back
What is broken will remain broken
It cannot be ignored, cannot be forgotten

Dear Infidel
You have let the unknown into our home
We never want to look into your eyes again
Since you no longer remain in our hearts


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