Yours, Mine, Ours…

As you make these vows today
I want you to make one more
The most important one
Promise me

Even if we fight and throw things
I want you to love our children
Boundlessly and eternally
Completely and freely

You will be there for them
In times of doubt
And in times of happiness
You will be their father

You will not just throw money at them
And spend five minutes with them
You will support them
And make time for them

You will hug them
And let them cry on your shoulder
You and I may have problems
But you will never blame them

You may betray me
Don’t ever betray them
I will forgive u for everything
But I will never forgive you
If you forsake our children

Love them, my husband
Love them more than your life
Love them more than me
And I will always love you for it


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