You Don’t Know Who I Am

Yes I do, Coward
You are the face of malice
Hidden in the shadows
With your callous nature
Seeking revenge for the deeds
Where you think you have been wronged
You are the spineless shadow
That threatens to disrupt our lives
But you see I do know you
I know that you are but a dog that barks
Too afraid to stick to your convictions
Just capable of wagging your finger
Claiming your unjustified righteousness

Yes I do, You fool
You are the masked mystery
Thinking your god’s gift to humankind
With the air of charm and elegance
You flaunt your overconfidence
Trying to appear nonchalant
Distant and uncaring to people and emotions
Viewing the world through your judgmental eyes
But you see I do know you
I know you are just a little person
Afraid to come out of your shell
Your mystery is just your guard
Lest someone hurt you from within

Yes I do, My love
You are the one who wakes in the middle of the night
To plant a kiss on my forehead
The ones whose hand I hold in gloomy weather
You think I don’t notice
The little glances you throw my way
You think I don’t care
For all your affection and your devotion
But you see I do know you
I know yours is the love I crave
Its hard not to notice your expression when you touch me
With a room full of people
Your face is the one I know


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