The mind, The mind, The mind
Cant finish the thought
Grabbing the lighter he walked towards the door
Earphones placed crooning words
That he could not comprehend
Yet that made complete sense

Jangling the keys in the coat
To check if they were there
Voices in the head spoke in whispers
They were conspiring against him
Talking behind his back
About the scar across his face

Subconsciously he stroked the scar
Finding smooth skin,
Where did it go?
They took it from him
Changed his face to make him look like someone else
The keys, Jangling again, there they were
But he knew who he was
They couldn’t take it away from him
He wouldn’t let them!

It had finally made sense
The compartments, the people, the puzzles
The day he watched the blast
Fingers, eyeballs, and insides splattered
Pink mist
It clicked, finally it made sense
They were all the same, they wanted the same thing
They did not understand, He alone had figured it all out

Now they wanted to kill him
They didn’t want everyone to know the truth
About the cobwebs of human complexity
This wasn’t complex at all, so simple
So simple
The blast cleared up everything
It just depended where you stood
It was all a matter of time and place

The keys, The keys, Where the fuck are the keys?
Did they take it from him?
No there they are
Peering over the edge
He wouldn’t let them kill him
His eyes roamed across the city
The lights, the pavement, the trees
The keys, the key was that people were all the same
They looked for all the same things
Finding the same things
Only if they stopped looking

They might have saved themselves
Might , a word that defines the probability of the past
Might , a word that defines power over something, force
We might have been a lot of things
Yet today we are just mere humans
Ruled by power, emotions and purpose

Yet he managed to stop
Now he was only ruled by the voices
They were only in his head
He knew that, he knew they weren’t there
It gave him solace that they couldn’t harm him
Only he could do that
Stepping over the edge
As he fell onto the concrete
He thought
The mind, The mind, The mind…


2 thoughts on “Schizo

  1. Ridhan Assadi says:

    I luv it!

    You know what, you should write a short story… all that dark pov you’ve… I’m sure it’d be an amazing read…

    • angieraj says:

      Great idea! 🙂 Im actually working on something, but thats in form of a fictional novel. Instead of dark in going for satire. Thank you for the comments.

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