People whiz by, going about their lives
I stand on this edge looking above
Hearing phrases like
Everything happens for the good
It’s all for the best
When god closes a door he opens a window somewhere
I just close my eyes and smile

Sometimes even the reassuring of words has no effect
When you’re leaving your life behind
These days I seem to go for long walks
And I seem to end up in the familiar places
Where I once laughed and cried with mates
At locations with significance
It seems that as the end draws near
You just want to be surrounded by memorable moments and people

New adventures awaits
Yet how does one say goodbye?
To the places and people that you once loved
That you might never see again
I suppose this is what growing up means
Learning to let go of some things
So that you make some space for new moments and people
Right now all I can do is stand on the edge
And smile in that bittersweet way…


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