Window of Hope

As she climbed up the window
She couldn’t help smiling to herself
Why she did this every day
She had no idea

She had a home of her own,
A bed on which she spread the best of counts
The comfortable pillow that fit perfectly
But the window somehow called out to her

She entered the apartment
There was Mr. Darling
Wearing his glasses, reading as usual
She climbed into the bed to lie beside him

There was the comfort she loved
In his strong arms
They never made love,
In fact it was never about sex

They were just two souls in a city that never slept
Unattached, Ambitious and Content
They just didn’t have time for partners
Thus they had each other

He was so beautiful that all she could do was look admiringly
They talked of many things, of day and night
And of inconsequential mundane things
Yet they never knew how time passed by

Smoking cigarettes, curled up in that bed
They shared their lives, their opinions
This was the best part of their day
At night, when two people lay in that bed
Sharing thoughts, conversations and most of all, the warmth of friendship.


2 thoughts on “Window of Hope

  1. Zorba says:

    "They just didn’t have time for partnersThus they had each other."it's so beautifully poignant. almost a pregnant possibility of 'what couldn't be' trying to be 'what has happened' – perfect picture that you have created.thanks.

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