The Minotaur’s creation of Veritas

There is nothing left to say
For you have no idea
How hard it has been to be civil
To someone you once loved and lost
I was right the first time
You would hurt me
Not because you wanted to
But because you of all could do it without trying
Even a slap across the face
An abusive strike
Would cause less pain than that you have caused
You think you’re a warm giving soul
Yet you look in the mirror and what do you see?
A selfish unforgivable cold liar, who has everyone fooled
Perhaps just this once, you have met
Someone who really sees you for what you are
I remember you once said you were a bad person
Now I understand why, because you can hide from the world
But you have never been able to hide from yourself
When you say you have changed, I wondered why I completely got it
It’s because there is a reason we met
You were meant to teach me
That you shouldn’t trust anyone
Especially the person you think might never hurt you.
I will always understand you
Since slowly through time, I have turned into you…
A selfish unforgivable cold liar
Thank you for teaching me this valuable lesson
Sometimes people come into your life
To affirm your faith and hope in others
And At times, like these
They come into your life
Just to remind you that some
Help you to see the reality of the world.
I was right the first time
You would hurt me and so you did
You could never protect me from the world
You were sent to make me stronger against it
By hurting me until I could not feel pain any longer


2 thoughts on “The Minotaur’s creation of Veritas

  1. Ridhan Assadi says:

    Numero uno! 🙂

    Idk if you’ve observed this… But your twitter link is down…

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