The Calm

The cold has spread within slowly
A matter of seconds or years
Not even I can tell

The silence is chilling
Almost eerie enough to send chills down my spine
Since I know that this is just the calm

After all these years
I am left with a shadow
The real pieces of worth are gone

The dream was shattered years ago
I wont pretend this was anyone else’s doing
The dream broke the day I woke up in a strange place

I thought running away from the familiar
I thought it would set me free
I thought, of nothing else, no one else

This state is like limbo
An in between place with questions
But no answers

A state of absolute peace
It seems like the cold has made everything stop
My heart, My thoughts, My conscience

The calm is so unsettling
Since the storm is right behind
In my blind spot
Only thing I can do now
Is wait
For life and perhaps for the pieces to fall back


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