How strange life is
As mere mortals we can hardly grasp it
It changes in a second
While we stare with astounded expressions

The misery of last year
Is replaced by the joy of new beginnings
The best friends of yesterday
They are now away saying “Keep in touch”

There is a sadness for things lost
There is also the delight of tomorrow
There is a melancholy of dreary experiences
There is the freshness of many firsts

It seems we are merely going
From the point of existing to not
While life whizzes by
Never stopping for vitamins or pep talks

Life is the lover
Life is the friend
Life is the child
Life is all around


2 thoughts on “Passerby

  1. D. Munro says:

    Lifes rich paegent, eh?

    Nice piece of writing!

    • angieraj says:

      Yes I suppose it is…it can be so addictive this showcase of inconsequential events, when woven together makes such beauty and tragedy.
      Thanks, glad you liked it.

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