A Small Affair

The night after the coupling
She woke during the dawn
To look out the window

After the intimate act
There was no warmth left
They had given it the best shot

He always said don’t go
When it’s dark, I will hold your hand
After which it all changed

The proclamations of adoration
Turned to burden
The words like the emotion were empty

How does that happen?
Something so strong
Crumbles in your hands

She always looked at him
You lighten up the room she said
Now she looked away

Things happen for a reason
But what can possible be the reason
For magic to stop?

As she left him
She looked back to blow a kiss thinking,
Dream a little dream of me


2 thoughts on “A Small Affair

  1. Ridhan says:

    Awesome! You just gave me tons of photo ideas!

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