The Year That Was

As another year of our existence comes to a finish
Some of us wake up one morning
Some of us look at the road ahead
Some of us take a long coffee break
To think about, perhaps just for a moment
About the year that went by

We have walked along this time
Together and apart
Leaving trinkets of our personality in the path
Picking up new traits and friends along the way
We message the people we love
While others have nothing to say to the person they once loved
Parents have welcomed new life
Children have said goodbyes to old parents

We have moved to other countries
New lists and old photographs
Seen our best friend get married
Stood at an airport with a heavy heart
Let go of the love of our life
Sang out loud in the car when you got that job you wanted

Experienced life in those little moments
The ones where you feel like its not worth it
We have had the feeling of invincibility and bliss
How fragile yet wonderful it is
The year that went by
Molding you gently like weathered rocks

We have looked into the eyes of our child
Seen new leaders make claims, wars being fought
Thinking, judging and at times surrendering
Touched someone new and felt the electricity
Kissed that special someone
Felt our heart ache when we came home to emptiness
Looked at our self in the mirror
Trying to hold on, or smiling at our new haircut

The mundane tiny inconsequential events
That was painted by our actions
Made this year, this month, this day, this second
Into something unique, something we cannot have again
What awaits us is not a fresh new beginning
But the next chapters of our extraordinary individual lives
The hope, that liberating inhale of promise
All the best and worst making us better versions of ourselves

Wonder what next year will be like
You think with a smile.

Happy 2011


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