Still waters of Hope

The girl sat lying on the ground
Belly against the earth, held up by elbows
She watched the stillness of the water
It reminded her of her mother during prayer
Stubbornly stoic, unmoving yet filled with an unknown energy
Her mother prayed that her family find peace and love
The girl did not have the faith, she wished for freedom
Sometimes it felt like they were two detached people
Strangers in the cosmic waiting room brought together by existence
The water had not moved by a shiver
Silent, limpid, so still and calm
This is why the girl loved watching it; she understood the need for serenity
She was at peace beside the water
There was no judgment or assumptions
She closed her eyes, wishing to be free

She sat on the wooden chair across the water
Watching her daughter lying on the ground
Her little girl looked at the water like it was a miracle
Sometimes she wondered how her own offspring was so different
At times felt like a foreigner sat down next to her during dinner
She angered at not raising her right and that she should have been stern
Eventually she calmed down as she observed her
Her little one was not perfect but she was still pure at heart
The peace that engulfed her during her conversations with God was magnificent
Just like this look on her daughters face
Slowly the child’s eyes brightened, although the water remained the same
She looked upon with wide eyes as her daughter closed hers
This time she prayed that her daughter finds what she is looking for
Perhaps they did not speak the same language or had the same faith
Yet they understood hope, just the same


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