Happily Never after

The day he came home smelling like cigarettes and sex
I wanted him once again
The thought that someone else desired him
Made him irresistible

As I nibble his ear and he groans
I think of the first time he invited me into his world
His laugh, his card tricks, the oysters and that smile
I had let the infatuation wash over like gentle waves

I kiss him softly, and hard
Gently untangling him
Remembering the laughs at the pier
The memories of fresh-cut roses and wine fill me while he touches me

I can smell her perfume as I trail kisses down his chest
Like a trance I close my eyes and inhale her scent
For a moment I am her, the intruder in my bed
His promises of forever and always float into my mind

Rises of pleasure, moans of satisfaction
I realize how it feels to feel dead and alive at the exact same time
There is so much that needs to be said but words fail me
I cry out with ecstasy and agony

I might be a broken shell today
The truth is nothing will ever balm over this pain
I bend down to kiss him while he is asleep
Leaving my past and my love behind


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