Started writing when I was 15, at that time as a teenager my inspiration was “love” but as the years went by, I suppose the old soul in me recognized that “love” in the modern world was masked.  

Thus I started writing about other things, things that moved me, which woke me up at 3.a.m to write furiously until my heart was beating like a hummingbirds wings.   

My poetry can be dark and twisty (something I picked up from Grey’s Anatomy, yes I do watch that sappy show), I don’t apologize for my lack of sweet and nice things. I see the world this way. Period.  

I am an advertising professional, trying to gain some perspective. Though I have to say being an ad professional has ruined the magic of ads for me. After analyzing the piece to bits, there is not much left to appreciate…  

Traveling and food is a passion, and I will leave this with one last thought, I believe in love, I just don’t believe it is for everyone.  

“In this world full of people, there is always you and me”  

Enjoy Reading!


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