She looked down at her henna covered hands
The beautiful intricate patterns symbolizing married bliss
Mother had worn her finest, her eyes shiny with tears
All the curious ones had their answer
The daughter was finally being given away in matrimony

She looked around with a small sigh
Finding his eyes, she exhaled slowly
The years of solitude and incompatibility
Led her to him, the wonderful gentle man
The ceremony was about to begin, along with the rest of her life

The other side of the mirror held another truth

She ruffled her white gown playfully
The nerves have quelled into a clear certainty
Maybe there was unforgiving aching
Perhaps she had broken the rules and wandered without caution
She still felt calm and ready

Walking down the aisle she marveled at the beauty of the orchids
She glanced lovingly at the two empty chairs that were meant for her parents
Looking up she found her bride and smiled their secret smile
It might have taken forever, heartbreak and exile
As the minister began, she was thankful that she had the courage to want more



When it comes to an old lover moving on
The news is hardly ever delivered directly to you
It comes in waves and sometimes in hushed conversations
Unlike the other losses in life, this one is better left uninformed
When it does reach you however,
The feeling still remains the same
Bittersweet memories of days you spent in bliss flows in unwelcome
Once you meant something to someone
Old songs emerge in the form of last Valentines Day gifts
You close your eyes and you can feel them again, gently brushing your eyelashes
You think of how perfectly you fit into their arms
The sweet words of love and forever
You had built your future and theirs
I, becomes us and you free fall into the passionate abyss

I mourn the kisses that were lost
I mourn the tangled mess on the bed that we once were
I mourn the hands that once held in innocence
The blueprints of life together, float away like a dandelion in the wind
I close my eyes and let go
Of the love, the home, the kids, the memories of what could have been
I mourn the goodbye, open my eyes and put on my smile